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ATRX pro factory one-stop commercial kitchen solutions from China


ATRX is committed to providing one-stop solutions for commercial kitchens. Participated in a series of school/army/chain catering/canteen/hotel kitchen equipment solutions, with full professional coverage, experienced feature design team, committed to the research and creation of commercial catering kitchen industry projects, focusing on professional cooperation, multiple types of deep cultivation, fine industry research, and strive to provide owners with the whole process, comprehensive, accurate and professional solutions. At present, the total factory has become a high-quality platform integrating production, research and marketing.

Factory after-sales outlets
Factory base area m²
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Most Popular Product

You might be an kitchen equipment importer; 

You might be a restaurant chain owner;

You might be a kitchen designer;

You might for your new catering business;

You might possess your complete products lines,now come here for create some new creative resource make up your mature market

We welcome all you to our ATRX,20 years of market stable products series  must provide you a reputation products, Let’s explore them.



Factory OEM|ODM Experience

Own Design Team,18 years design experience created 100+ customization induction types

Factory On-Time Delivery Advantage

1200 pcs production month capacity help build your delivery efficiency in front of your customer

Factory emergency Spare Parts Service

Full years available parts stock preparation,within 5-6 days ship time perfect deal your emergency

Products Body Shell Precision

Equip with own Laser/Bending/Punching machine,factory inside controlled 99.8% accuracy

Products Inside Core Spare Parts Precision

Nanoscale dust-free workshop of German standard, 30% higher service life &stability than regular type

Products Rigorous Test Time Control

48 hours parts test|12 hours High-Temp Aging test| 2 hours function operation test before ship



Yes, from the analysis of company departments, we have a complete R & D team, engineering team, production team, sales team, purchasing team, packaging team and after-sales team. In terms of equipment, we have perfect laser cutting machine equipment, bending equipment, welding equipment, professional testing instruments and testing sites, which constitute a complete factory system with around 300 people.

Since its establishment and development in 2008, it has been 16 years of precipitation history

Of course, as a factory, we will not let any shortage of raw materials in the manufacturing process, we fully eliminate any instability risk that will be brought to us by the upstream and downstream, which means that we are definitely responsible to customers and their markets

We have a dedicated team to run custom products, including free consultations,designs, and installation guidance. At present, the self-owned brand ATRX has developed stable long-term partners in many countries and regions around the world.

We have perfect induction cooker manufacturing process equipment and testing instruments as well as its site to ensure that your product performance is a competitive presence in the local, if you visit China, we will be happy to personally show you around our factory site introduction.

Our Equipment Suitable Working Fields

◆◆◆widely used in chain restaurants/hotels/hospitals/canteens/cooking schools/cafeterias/supermarkets /Shop malls etc◆◆◆


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